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Supercharged nutrition for the 21st century!

Strengthen your body's immune system to function at its optimum.

Support your body to resist and overcome
bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

For extra vitality, endurance
 and faster recovery.

"We used to think, and some still do, that life came from a chemical soup.
Now we know that unless there is an electrical charge, there is no life.
Life then, is electrical. And when electrical systems go, although
the chemistry is still there, the life does not exist."
Dr. Valerie Hunt, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Physiological Sciences, UCLA.






TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Athlete's Foot

I have had Athlete's Foot for 16 years and have tried virtually every powder and cream available on the market with limited success. I often went through periods when I had to change my socks three times a day and could not wear the same pair of shoes two days running. Walking on grass was just too painful. 

A friend recommended Colloidal Silver and I went to see the guys at SilverGenesis. I started drinking some every day and sprayed it regularly onto my feet and between the toes. 

I also added a capful to a liter of warm water and soaked my feet every night for about 15 minutes. One of the first things I noticed was that the foot odour and the itching was gone almost the next day. The condition improved daily - and after five days, my athlete's foot was completely cleared up! It is now three months later and my feet are still okay. What a relief! I thoroughly recommend this wonderful product! 

Clinton Schafer, Jhb. South Africa


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Baby Rash

I have a young baby who has had a persistent skin rash around his groin and on his legs. This was not just a nappy rash, it was a lot worse than that! 

After spending a fortune on a lot of things that didn't work, I was prompted by a friend to try Colloidal Silver. I am one of the most sceptical people you could meet, but I began spraying it on lightly at every nappy change. 

That was a week ago - and now I'm amazed that the rash is completely gone! There is no more redness and the skin looks so clean, smooth and healthy. 

The little sprayer bottle is ten times more convenient than anything else. I am so impressed with your Colloidal Silver that I've started promoting it to other mothers with small children. 

Thea Gladwin, Jhb. South Africa


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Bronchitis

Bronchitis cured without antibiotics!

Every winter when my son, who is in his twenties, gets a cold it goes straight to his chest and he ends up with bronchitis and sometimes one step away from pneumonia.

He always has to go to the doctor and is always put on antibiotics. Most times he gets worse and has to have a second, stronger antibiotic, and has even had to have a third course on occasion. It takes about 4 - 6 weeks to clear up the bronchitis. 


When he got bronchitis this winter, I told him to take 200 ml of your colloidal silver every day. He had a high temperature and was coughing up very nasty stuff - all the symptoms of previous chest infections. My husband and I then left for a business trip and upon our return three days later, the bronchitis had completely cleared up!

Beryl and James Embleton, Jhb. South Africa


TESTIMONIAL: Electro colloidal silver for Candida and Nail Fungus.

I had Candida, a yeast infection which caused my stomach to be bloated and uncomfortable. I used to wake up tired and felt lethargic all the time. I also developed nail fungus and my nails looked awful. All the medication and antibiotics I was prescribed by doctors and homeopaths did not cure me and cost a fortune.

I was then introduced to your colloidal silver. After taking colloidal silver for four months, the candida has cleared up, my stomach is flat again…what joy! 

My nails have cleared up and look pink and healthy…and my skin is glowing.

Everyone is telling me that I look very good and healthy and my face is radiant. Also, I haven't had a cold this winter, which is simply marvelous.

I'm so full of energy again, thanks to colloidal silver which is a natural miracle antibiotic - and has proved to be an amazing product!

Gene Bond


TESTIMONIAL: ECS for Diabetes, Broken Bone healing & Animals.

"Since buying your SG Classic generator, I have become "hooked" on Colloidal Silver. It has helped me as a diabetic in many areas, especially the lack of energy, chronic tiredness, the healing of sores without going septic and leaving no scar.

I have used it on animals as well: 

1. A horse's eye that was weeping and swollen for many weeks without improvement even though under medical treatment. In one week of your colloidal silver, it was back to normal. 


2. A horse with greasy heel that did not heal under normal treatment responded well to colloidal silver and is fine now. 

3. The dogs too are feeling better for having colloidal silver in their drinking water. The old ones are less stiff in their joints and more energetic.


I have also recently broken two bones (ankle and fibia) when I slipped and fell. Both have healed in five weeks which is very quick for a diabetic. I was taking 50ml three times a day".

Margie Piper, Johannesburg


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Emphysema

"As Karen has told you, I am feeling absolutely wonderful. I have so much energy and I just want to be on the go all the time. Before I started on the CS, life was such a drag, everything was such an effort - all I ever wanted to do was sit and watch the television in the evening - I just don't know how my husband put up with me - I must have been impossible to live with. 

Since starting the CS my whole outlook on life has changed. I

 want to be everywhere and do everything that's going on. It most definitely has nothing to do with my little stay in Milpark hospital because I was discharged on exactly the same medication that I was using when I was admitted despite the fact that the doctor laughed at my "1970 medication". After all the tests and scans and the bad reaction to their fancy medication, they said my body had become conditioned and was well controlled with the medication that I was taking, so best just to stay with it. 


I have been taking early morning walks, (not miles and miles - Just a block or two), but I would never have had the inclination to do that before. I still get breathless, but I just stop for a minute or two, gather myself and then carry on. You must appreciate that for the last 8 years I have done absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing!!!!!! So I am extremely unfit besides having lousy lungs


I am taking 20ml of CS in the mornings and 20ml in the evenings and I am inhaling it through my nebuliser twice a day. Just lately, over the past 10 days I have come into contact with at least five people with REALLY bad flu. Now before, literally if someone walked passed my door with a cold, I would catch it and I am not kidding. To date, nothing, it is quite amazing. 

I do not expect the CS to repair the damaged tissue in my lungs - that is too much to hope for, but the mere fact that it gives me such energy and general well being, I think it is the most wonderful product".

From Lyn Abbot in Zimbabwe


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Eye Infection

All my life (36 years) I have been battling with a chronic eye infection and had to constantly wash my eye three or four times a day to clear away the mucous from the infection. Over the years, I tried everything but nothing worked. 

 I was then introduced to Colloidal Silver by friends who knew the guys at SilverGenesis. I put two drops in my eye and two more before going to bed. The next morning I was amazed that I could open my eye normally and there was only a slight trace of the infection. After using CS for a few more days the infection has completely gone. What is this amazing stuff?!!!


Trevor Busby, Jhb.


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Ear Infection, Cystitis & Psoriasis

I used SilverGenesis Colloidal Silver as an alternative to taking more antibiotics for a re-occurring ear infection that I suffered with for over 2 years, and it cleared up totally within a week and has not reappeared since. Your CS also cleared my bout of cystitis where antibiotics were not working. I also spray it on my face (and body) after facial cleansing and there has been an improvement in my skin tone


A friend of mine used it for her child's psoriasis on her arm and there was a marked improvement within a few days. 

Used in conjunction with the Blood type diet, I believe the combination is a world beater in terms of sustained health. 

Gail Ramsay, Jhb.


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Flu

Your 'muti' works wonders. My brother in law, who works at my office, was down with flu yesterday. He was shaking, at times cold and at times hot. I gave him 125ml of eCS to finish it this morning. He is up and at the office as I send you this note. 



TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for severe Gum Disease

I had suffered severe gum disease and as a result was forced to undergo extensive periodontic treatment and surgery. Prior to the scheduled surgery, a list of antibiotics and other medication was prescribed, all of which I was expected to start using the day of my surgery.

I, however, do not like to use antibiotics and prefer to use homeopathic of "natural" products. I therefore, began using the colloidal silver immediately after my surgery. I drank small doses and sprayed it onto the infected area in my mouth regularly, for over a week. 

I did not take any other medication at all during this time.

On my next consultation, the dentist and a periodontic professor who was present, were both shocked and amazed at how well my gums had healed! It was the first time they had seen a patient heal so soon after such intensive surgery. Moreover, I had also experienced less pain and swelling than expected!

All this is thanks to your colloidal silver. It is truly an amazing product, as unlike prescription medication, it has no side effects! I would definitely recommend it to anyone else as my experience is proof enough of how well it works!

Mrs. Haseena Mohamed, Pretoria


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Herpes Virus

I have suffered from herpes for the last 7 - 8 years. It used to flare up every three months or so, with fever blisters around my mouth that took at least three weeks to heal. The last time it flared up, I bought a 500 ml bottle and a 100 ml spray bottle from SilverGenesis. I drank a 100 ml every day and sprayed the electro colloidal silver onto the blisters around my mouth. Amazingly, within two days they cleared up. Although herpes is supposed to be "incurable", it has now been over two years since I first took the CS and the herpes hasn't returned. 

I believe I'm now cured.

On another occasion I came down with severe flu-like conditions i.e. acute fever, aches & pains and running a high temperature. I was feeling really bad and drank a whole 500 ml bottle of CS before going to bed. I woke up the next morning and all symptoms were gone. Thanks SilverGenesis…this is truly amazing stuff!

Adam Wolfaardt, Jhb.


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Moles

I had a mole on the side of my forehead which I nicked whilst combing my hair. I applied colloidal silver on it twice a day and to my amazement the mole disappeared within 3 weeks to just a blemish on the skin. I can highly recommend this product.

Aubrey Harrison, Johannesburg


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Mumps

I would like to report to you my experience with the treatment of mumps. My daughter who is 42 years old was diagnosed with mumps and when I arrived, she was in great pain and looked and felt very bad with a swollen face and swollen throat glands. She was unable to eat, had no appetite and was on strong pain pills.

I arrived there with a 500ml bottle of Colloidal Silver which I'd made with the SG Classic generator which was run over two full cycles, so it was fairly concentrated. 

I immediately gave my daughter 25ml as a first dose - and followed thereafter with a small cup measure of CS every two hours. Within five hours the pain had totally gone and there was no more need for the pain pills. She continued on this basis for two days, then followed for another two days taking 25ml three times daily. She now drinks a health maintenance dose daily. For the two week quarantine period, however, she felt washed out, had no appetite and was glad to stay in bed and sleep, but the abject misery of mumps was a thing of the past.

Yours sincerely, Mrs. Nancy M. Nel


TESTIMONIAL: ECS for Nail Fungus, Flu, Athletes Foot, Blood Poisoning, Diarrhoea, Skin Cancer

After a holiday in Botswana, I developed a nail fungus, for which I tried every anti-fungal foot cream or powder, and was told the only way to clear it up was to have a massive dose of a super strong antibiotic which would have set me back about one and a half thousand rands, besides virtually knocking me out too!


Luckily I heard about Colloidal Silver from a friend and started using it to see what it could do and today some six months later, two of the three nails affected are pink and healthy and the worst affected nail is slowly growing out the nail-bed distortion and the new area is also becoming pink and healthy. What joy!

We take a maintenance dose of 25ml at least once a day and my husband's fragile digestive system has stabilized and antacid tablets are a thing of the past. We find that diarrhoea, sore throats, flu etc. just don't develop. 

The rheumatic pains in my damaged knee are getting less. All our family and friends are colloidal silver converts.

My son, who spent 4 months sailing around Madagascar, Seychelles, Zanzibar, the Commores etc. which are hot, muggy and prime malaria areas, took only enough anti-malaria tablets to dose himself if he got malaria, and 5 litres of colloidal silver which he took twice daily (100 ml). Needless to say, he was laughed at by the others aboard, but was never sick, and eventually spent his time dosing them for runny tummy, bad flu, athletes foot, blood poisoning and septic sores from fish hook cuts, which did not respond to their well stocked first-aid drug kit.

 Since, if used consistently on skin cancers, it slowly but surely gets rid of them, I have decided to see what it can do as a beauty aid for my complexion. My daily mantra now is "cleanse, tone with colloidal silver and moisturise".

In our friendship circle, four of us have each purchased your SG Classic generator kit for making colloidal silver the SILVERGENESIS way. 

We have also invested in a reverse osmosis water purifying kit to ensure we will never be without colloidal silver. We all consider it our wisest investment!

Thank you for making such a safe and reliable product available.

Yours sincerely, Nancy Nel, Jhb. South Africa


TESTIMONIAL: Electro colloidal Silver for Pneumonia and Skin Cancer

My husband has just left hospital with serious pneumonia, and was struggling to recover properly. Since drinking your colloidal silver, he has become much stronger and his recovery has been remarkable. I recommend colloidal silver for everyone with a serious illness.

For years I've had a bad lesions on my arm from the sun (black skin cancer). After spraying and rubbing colloidal silver on my arm, the next day I saw a great improvement and the melanoma has almost disappeared! I recommend colloidal silver for all healing. Thank you.

Isabel Bezuidenhout


TESTIMONIAL: ECS for Sebacious Cysts, Burns, Bone & Wound healing

Here are some of my stories on Colloidal Silver produced by SilverGenesis.

My 18 year daughter had a sebacious cyst surgically removed from her cheek, just under the eye. Seven stitches later, and a long cut on such a sensitive part of the face, we immediately started spraying your Colloidal Silver onto the protective porous plaster four to six times a day. After 10 days the stitches were removed and not a trace of scarring can be found.

A drum of boiling water fell onto Rosie, a little 2-year old girl that lives on our farm. I rushed her to hospital, to be told that one of the burns on one of her legs were 3rd degree

After being treated in hospital for three days we brought her home, and twice a day I changed her bandages that I had soaked in Colloidal Silver. After three weeks we were able to leave 90% of the wounds without bandages on, and continued to spray CS on 3 to 4 times a day. There is only one very small part of her foot that one can see a small area that was burned and her skin colour has returned to normal.

Bobby is a very special little horse. He has such a dreadful injury on his one back leg we thought we would have to destroy him. 

I have photographs from 10 days after the injury, up until now, showing the progress of the wound healing. Without photos, no one would believe that this was such a shocking injury. From the first day, I began spraying your Colloidal Silver. The bone was not broken, but was so badly damaged, that this was cause for great concern. After 2 months of washing with Colloidal Silver, a new bone has grown, and the damaged part has been rejected by the body. Bobby is completely sound, but we still have a long way to go before I can leave the bandages off.

If anyone wants to contact me, you can give them my number or email address.

Jane Pohl


TESTIMONIAL: ECS for Athletic Performance, Colds, Flu, Sinus Headaches, Eye Infections

We would like to express our satisfaction in the use of your Colloidal Silver product and your SG Classic generator.

1. We have the pleasure of being parents to a 13 year old son who is a competitive swimmer and participates in Provincial and National level Galas.

During July 2002, he picked up a nasty bout of flu including a high fever, which we were unable to break. He was not able to compete comfortably at galas and we were withdrawing from many events over about a 3 - 4 week period as the flu just seemed to come back when we thought it was gone.


It was suggested that we try Colloidal Silver and as a desperate last attempt to overcome this nasty bout of flu, we got him going on the recommended dose and not only did the flu break but he has managed to stay clear of sniffs etc. He also seems to have more energy and is performing at greater levels than before

(Editor's note: Graham Moore now drinks about 300 ml of ECS produced by the SG Classic. He picked up a silver medal in Australia and recently broke the South African record for his age group).


2. I, at this time of the year, suffer with Sinus headaches and started taking the daily dose of CS and also drops in the nose and must admit that I have not had a sinus related of any other type of headache since taking the CS.

3. We also had another swimmer in the squad at a gala in Australia recently, who had some type of eye infection. We put drops of CS in her eyes on two occasions and to everyone's surprise, her eyes cleared within two days.

If we see what results Colloidal Silver has achieved in the short time that we have used it, we can only recommend that people try it!

Best regards
Michael and Laetitia Moore, Bedfordview


TESTIMONIAL: ECS for Skin Infection, Skin Cancer, Wound Healing

Here are a few testimonies in regard to colloidal silver produced with the SG Classic:


a) One lady here had a very bad skin infection on her face and had visited several specialists who were unable to assist. One even informed her that she would "just have to live with it". She started applying colloidal silver and within a few months there was a remarkable improvement. 


b) I had a skin cancer sore on my hand and from past experience I would have had to have local surgery. I applied double-strength colloidal silver soaked on a piece of lint and bandaged up. I continued for about 5 weeks and the sore has completely healed with no sign of any scar. 


c) My wife and I drink colloidal silver every morning (about 15ml) and it has kept colds and flu at bay. My wife stopped for about a week and sure enough she got the flu. 

d) A small Jack Russell was badly mauled by a Boerbul. They soaked the dog with colloidal silver and it was up and running within 24 hours. Strangely enough it seems to work very quickly with animals and birds. 

Roly Morrison, Vic Falls, Zimbabwe


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Shingles

In December 2000, I had a bad attack of shingles, the effect persisting for whole of 2001. I was exhausted and in desperation hesitantly started on the maintenance dose of colloidal silver in December 2001.

I noticed a small improvement in my general well-being. In January 2002, I threw caution to the wind and increased daily intake to 100 ml. 

My energy levels returned and I decided to buy the SG Classic generator from SilverGenesis so that I could keep using the lighter dose. I also give colloidal silver to pets and pot plants.

I am back on the maintenance dose but if I ever feel tired I increase the dose and am feeling very well.

Mrs. Linda van Heerden, Jhb.


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Sinus

I started using ECS recently and it worked very well to cure my sinus-induced sore throat, as well as my tiredness.

I was so impressed with the results, that I obtained the distribution rights for ECS in the Free State.

Regards, GF Beukman


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Tension & Insomnia

I suffered from pressure on my brain and after spraying Colloidal Silver on my scalp it lifted the pressure. Colloidal silver also helps me to sleep better.

Mrs Christie Breedt


TESTIMONIAL: Electro Colloidal Silver for Urinary Tract Infection

After a routine bilharzia test, my 10 year old son was found to have high levels of protein and creatine in his urine. He had further blood and urine tests done under a urologist as well as a kidney scan.

They found he had nefritis caused by a strep virus. He was referred to a kidney specialist who confirmed the results and suggested we repeat the tests a month later before considering a kidney biopsy. In this month, I gave him Colloidal Silver for a cold, only to find out at the next blood and urine test that all traces of protein and creatine had disappeared completely.

Julie Lindt


TESTIMONIAL: ECS for Wound Healing, Eczema & Sinus Problems.

My daughter's mother-in-law had an open wound on her foot that just would not heal, due to a rare blood disorder. Nothing the doctor's treated her with was helping. I gave my daughter a bottle of CS made with your SG Classic generator - and told her to give it to her mother-in-law to try on the wound. She applied it several times a day for a few weeks and the wound has almost completely healed.

I also applied it on my dog's eczema

After two applications the eczema was completely dry. I use it for insect bites and spray it on my skin after being in the sun (no sunburn).

My husband suffers with sinus. He now rinses his sinuses with CS and says he hasn't felt this good in years. This is truly an amazing product that helps for so many conditions. I will certainly never be without it again.

Yours sincerely

Loda Bouwer


TESTIMONIAL (Horse): Electro Colloidal Silver and African Horse Sickness

To SilverGenesis:

Our 9 year old Thoroughbred mare was diagnosed with African Horse Sickness. We had been a little concerned that she was not as full of spunk as usual, I checked her temperature record - that was normal. Only the following evening did we notice the swelling above the eyes and her temperature was now up to 39.1

We consulted our Vet. On his recommendation we injected her with an anti-inflammatory. He came out the next morning and took blood samples. He told us that he could only treat the symptoms, as there was no cure for A.H.S. He told us that the survival rate was 10%. He treated her with a metabolic stimulant; vitamin C, vitamin B & trace element, Anti -histamine and Penicillin. She was only allowed 5 litres of water per day. By the evening her eyes started to swell. She was still eating. Temp 37.5, pulse 48, respiration 31.


2) To my delight there she was still standing!!! But oh her eyes!!! The swelling had pushed the mucus membrane of the lower lid out - so she had no vision - and from the eyes hung webs of bloody mucus! We set out to find something to clean the eyes with. At Bahati, our local homeopathic shop, they recommended Colloidal Silver - for the eyes, and to drink.

At 12:00 we cleaned her eyes with water and then placed colloidal silver on cotton wool, held on the eyes for +- 5min. I was desperately hoping that it was not A.H.S. I set off to get our digital camera. I wanted to send the photos to Onderstepoort - the batteries needed loading and as it happened I only got to take the photo two hours later. Well! By now her eyes looked decidedly better!! I took the photos which I attach. 

Our Vet approved the use of the colloidal silver.

She was no longer eating. All she wanted was water... With every litre of water, we gave her 100ml of colloidal silver & 5ml Ecovet Heal all. The Vet continued with his treatment; it included dehydrating her - which he admitted could cause kidney failure - or if she survived, possible permanent damage to the kidneys


Day 3) She was still hanging in...refusing food, carrots and her favourite mango. The vision had improved to 40%. She stood with her back to the light. We darkened the stable with shade cloth. Pulse 60 Respiration 52, Temp 37.5. The Vet gave her another "cocktail". We felt that if she was not going to make it - why let her die of thirst? So we started giving her 2 litres of water with electrolytes and colloidal silver and 5ml Ecovet Heal all, every 2 hours. 


Day 4) The vision had improved to 80%. She accepted a little bit of bran mixed with water. She also ate some mango! & started nibbling at her hay! plus the odd bit of lucerne. We started to increase the water to 3 litres at a time every 2 hours, then every hour, with as much colloidal silver as we could lay our hands on. She lay down for longer periods and appeared a little more at peace. She even grazed a little on the grass outside the stable, while we changed her bedding. 

Pulse 60 Respiration 52 Temp. 37.8. She had free access to water now.


Day 5) She looked a lot better. She started eating a bit of ration and even whinnied for carrots! She was on the mend. It is now one month later and she is her old self again. Her eyes are perfect. We thank God for leading us to Colloidal Silver. 


Richard and Marietta Bladen, Nelspruit. 


TESTIMONIAL (Pets): Electro colloidal silver for Arthritis

I have a dog, her name is Rambo. She is a Maltese Poodle. These breeds have one genetic problem, as they get older they develop Arthritis in their hips, and need an operation that would cost about R3 000 to R5 000. 

Rambo has been suffering for about 10 weeks (we did nothing), she could not jump up onto beds and had a very bad limp until I started giving her eCS every night before bed. She is no longer a youngster and sleeps a lot due to her age. 

50 ml eCS with a bit of milk 


She has no problem drinking it, in fact she loves it. She has had this every night Monday to Friday for 6 weeks, she walks with no problem, no limp and has her health back. Hope this helps for all the pets out there. 

Vanessa Couve


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