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Supercharged nutrition for the 21st century!

Strengthen your body's immune system to function at its optimum.

Support your body to resist and overcome
bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

For extra vitality, endurance
 and faster recovery.

"We used to think, and some still do, that life came from a chemical soup.
Now we know that unless there is an electrical charge, there is no life.
Life then, is electrical. And when electrical systems go, although
the chemistry is still there, the life does not exist."
Dr. Valerie Hunt, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Physiological Sciences, UCLA.




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•  I have used colloidal silver and it didn't work. Why?
•  Why does silver jewellery leave black marks on my skin?
•  What colour should electro colloidal silver be?
•  How do you measure the concentration of electro colloidal silver?
•  What concentrations are required for positively charged silver ions to be effective?
•  Is protein or any other stabilizer required?
•  It has been implied that silver is a heavy metal. Is this true?
•  How stable is electro colloidal silver?
•  How should electro colloidal silver be stored?
•  How does electro colloidal silver actually work?
•  Is electro colloidal silver a natural antibiotic?
•  How does electro colloidal silver boost the immune system?

•  How safe is electro colloidal silver?
•  Does ECS effect the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract?
•  Is electro colloidal silver stored in the body?


What is electro colloidal silver - and what is not?

Electro colloidal silver can be defined as silver in its sub-atomic state. When produced correctly, it consists of trillions of positively charged silver ions suspended in a solution of 'structured' distilled water.

When produced incorrectly, applying excessive current (i.e. electrolysis), silver compounds are formed and these would need to dissolve in the body, leaving natural silver atoms which will then readily bond to protein, thus having limited bio-availability and efficacy.

Unfortunately, when it comes to "colloidal silver", the term has been very loosely used regardless of whether the solution contains silver compounds, rather than positively charged silver ions. Any statement that a substance is "colloidal silver" is not nearly enough information to gauge the type of product that has been produced.

What is a positively charged silver ion?

When a gentle flow of current is passed through pure silver in a liquid, the natural silver atom's outer electron field is changed creating a positive silver ion. 

What is a colloid?

Simply put, a colloidal mineral is the smallest particle of a substance that is still integral to itself. A true colloid will not bond with anything else in the solution and will remain in suspension. Colloidal minerals are so microscopic in size they cannot be filtered out.

What is the "colloidal" state?
The colloidal state is the only state for all living things. Our human blood is in a colloidal state. For proper healthy metabolism, all the fluids within and surrounding cells and tissues need to be in a colloidal state.

All nutrients in fruit and vegetables are in a colloidal state. In order to be utilized and absorbed by the body, all minerals and nutrients must be in a colloidal state. 

What is "CSP" ("colloidal silver protein")?
There is no such thing. By definition, the terms are mutually exclusive. You can either have colloidal silver or you can have a silver protein. You cannot have a combination - it is scientifically impossible. If it so happens that a colloid bonds to any other substance, then it is no longer a colloid - since the atomic structure of the colloid has been altered.

What is a silver compound? Are silver compounds safe for us?

A silver compound is natural silver atom(s) directly bonded or fused with another element or chemical compound. A compound will have completely different properties and effects than the two elements comprising the compound.

For example, both carbon and nitrogen are absolutely essential to life on this planet - and in their pure form have no toxicity whatsoever. In nature they will not readily bond. But when forced to bond, we get a highly toxic substance called cyanide!

Some silver compounds, such as silver oxide or silver chloride, are harmless in the human body (yet demonstrate little if any benefit). Other compounds (which are artificially produced), such as silver acetate, silver nitrate and silver arsphenamine can be extremely toxic in the human body.

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What is ppm (parts per million)?
In laboratory terms, parts per million is a measurement of weight. ppm = mg/litre.
This is a measurement of how much silver is in solution. It is NO indication, whatsoever, of the quality and efficacy of the solution. 

What is electrolysis?

Unfortunately, there is a gross misunderstanding regarding the production of electro colloidal silver. Most systems being used today employ the electrolysis process. Electrolysis is the process whereby the current passed through the water exceeds what the water molecules can withstand - and they begin to break up. At the end of the production cycle the water is unstructured and silver compounds have formed.



I have used colloidal silver and it did nothing for me. Why?

When you ingest positively charged silver ions, you will immediately notice an improvement in your vitality, as well as many other benefits.

If it did nothing for you, then it means that it wasn't produced correctly in the first place. What you probably thought was true electro colloidal silver, must have been merely silver compounds. The colloid itself was originally unstable and by the time you used it, the electromagnetic field had already broken down, rendering it basically useless. See The difference between a silver compound and the positively charged silver ion.

Why does silver jewellery leave black marks on my skin?

Most silver jewelry is made from sterling silver, which has about 10% of copper in it. Copper will readily oxidise and tarnish when exposed to oxygen. Pure silver will not.

What colour should electro colloidal silver be?

If the water turns yellow or golden in colour during the process, or soon afterwards (within about 12 hours) it is an indication that a chemical reaction has taken place where silver has bonded with various gases, dissolved solids etc. - and there is an excess of hydrogen. This is caused by excessive current in the production process - and the solution is in the process of breaking down.

One will notice that the taste becomes bitter - and the solution turns brown over a few days and eventually becomes a mud colour. This is far removed from real electro colloidal silver - which is crystal clear and may have a very slight tint. True ECS actually sparkles like a diamond when held up to the light.

In 1999, Professor Ronald Gibbs (Director of the Centre for Colloidal Science, University of Delaware) ran thorough tests on a range of colloidal silver products and found that "if a yellow colour is present, it indicates that the colloidal silver product is not acceptable and is not of the highest quality. The highest quality colloidal silver products tested were all colourless."

It is not recommended that yellow colloidal silver be used on a regular basis.

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How do you measure the concentration of electro colloidal silver?
The simplest and easiest way is to use a conductivity meter whereby you measure the conductivity of the water before the process begins and again when the process is complete. Conductivity is measured in µS/cm and is a measure of electricity in the water. You can be sure you're measuring electrically charged silver ions if the water remains crystal clear at the end of the process and you have added nothing else to it.

PPM stands for parts per million. It is a laboratory measurement of the concentration or how much silver there is. Thus 10 ppm = 10 mg/litre.

Note: This can be very deceptive in view of the objective of the process, which is to produce free positively charged silver ions. When measuring ppm, are you measuring electrically charged silver ions - or are you measuring silver particles and silver salts?

Is protein or any other stabiliser required?

In the past, it was extremely difficult to produce high quality electro colloidal silver as the electrolysis process was misunderstood and they didn't have the sophisticated electronic equipment we have today. The emphasis was on seeing some "reaction" and seeing "clouds' coming off the anode. The solution was unstable and broke down quickly. To overcome this inherent deficiency in the production process, a protein stabilizer was added. Again we have the same problem as with silver salts, where its efficacy and bio-availability is very limited since the positively charged silver ion has lost its electrical potential.

With modern day technology, we are now able to produce a silver colloid with positively charged ions "locked in" to the molecular structure of the water.

Note: ECS must be produced slowly and correctly without the addition of any additives or stabilizers, otherwise the electrical potential will be lost. It is not recommended that silver be used if anything else is added to it. (Refer: The Art of Producing Electro Colloidal Silver)

It has been implied that silver is a heavy metal? Is this true?

No, this is blatantly false. Silver is NOT a heavy metal. It is classified as a noble metal. It has an atomic weight of 107.68. The heavy metals start at AW 200 and would include metals like lead, mercury and cadmium.

Actually, silver (Ag) is a transition metal chemically. Unlike heavy metals, transition metals do not have any metal toxicity. Research has proved that silver is unique among metals in having no toxicity whatsoever. This is particularly true of silver in its electro colloidal state (i.e. silver ions)

(Note: Natural elements in their natural colloidal state have no toxicity whatsoever. It's only when elements are adulterated and turned into inorganic compounds or inorganic salts that they become toxic). For more information, Refer: Safety)

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How stable is electro colloidal silver? 
Correctly produced electro colloidal silver
1) is not light sensitive (other than direct sunlight*)
2) does not need to be stored in a cool dark place
3) is not affected by outside magnetic fields
4) does not settle out and does not require shaking 
True electro colloidal silver retains its electromagnetic field and remains stable for years, not a few months or a few days. 

Even if you left it on your desk in a transparent glass jar next to your computer, it will remain sparkling and clear indefinitely! 

* The only factor that can effect the stability of electro colloidal silver is direct sunlight.

How should electro colloidal silver be stored?

Glass is best, either clear or coloured. There is an inherent electrical charge in the hydro-carbon molecule of some plastics like soft PVC or oil-based plastics. This draws the charged silver ions out of solution, binding them to the walls of the container. The contents - as well as the plastic itself - will turn yellow and the electrical charge will break down. If a plastic container is going to be used, it's best to test the ECS in the container for two weeks before using. Generally, storage of ECS should be in glass or in ABS plastic containers. 

How does electro colloidal silver actually work?

In order to understand how the positively charged silver ion works in the body, we need to have a clearer understanding of how electricity works. (Refer to The Power of the Positively Charge Silver Ion)

Is Electro Colloidal Silver a natural antibiotic?

Because of its antibacterial properties, ECS has often been called a natural antibiotic. But this is false. Electro colloidal silver is NOT an antibiotic.

(Is garlic an antibiotic? Is Vitamin C an antibiotic because it cures scurvy?)

Electro Colloidal Silver does not "kill" anything. It gives to life - it doesn't take away.

For example:
1. When a respected homeopath confined to a wheelchair takes ECS intravenously and cures himself of systemic lupus…
2. When a world renowned research scientist sees damaged tissue regenerating before his eyes…
3. When an old lady who had basically given up on life is now "dancing on the tables"…
4. When athletes are breaking records…
5. When the recovery from strenuous exercise is dramatically increased…
6. When burns heal rapidly with little or no scarring…

…would you call these the result of administering an antibiotic?

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How does ECS boost the immune system?
The immune system is an integral part of all living things and like any other bodily system, it depends on the flow of electricity in order to function at its optimum. This has been scientifically proved.



What do people use electro colloidal silver for?

Millions of people from all walks of life have had phenomenal experiences with ECS. Athletes, dog breeders, horse trainers, pigeon fanciers, homeopaths, flower growers, doctors, veterinarians, naturopaths, farmers, pet lovers, horticulturalists, sportsmen and women, etc. etc. etc.

ECS is the ultimate health tonic and there are a thousand and one uses covering a vast range of conditions and situations.

In what different ways can electro colloidal silver be used?

It can be used orally (ingested); anally (added to an enema solution); vaginally added to douche); inhaled as a very fine mist (through an oxygen nebuliser) into the lungs, used as drops in the eyes, ears and nose and applied topically (with a spray bottle or soaked gauze wrapping) to the skin. (Refer: Usage)

Can I give it to my baby?

ECS is not a drug or a medicine - it is divine water! Babies and young children respond to even the smallest amount, since their immune systems are normally still in peak condition. (Refer: Usage: Women & mothers with small children)

Can I use electro colloidal silver when I'm pregnant?

Absolutely! Electro colloidal silver even aids the developing foetus in growth and health, as well as easing the mother's delivery and recovery.
(Refer: Usage: Women & mothers with small children)

Note: electro colloidal silver also provides a perfect compliment to any other form of natural healing and natural healthy nutrition.

How much can I drink?

As much as you choose! Go for it! (We're talking about the right stuff, by the way). For example, if you have a chronic illness, or if you're an athlete in training, you could easily drink 500ml or more per day. 

For general health and nutritional purposes - as well as to build immunity against colds, flu and a host of disease causing pathogens - drink at least a glass every day. 
(Remember that this is simply pure electrified water - and one ought to drink plenty of pure water every day as a matter of course!) 

For serious infections and chronic illnesses, it is recommended that you drink plenty! This could be any amount from 500 ml - 1 litre a day. This can be ingested on a continuous basis throughout your waking hours. 

Again we emphasise that ECS is not a medicine in any shape or form. It is powerful electrical nutrition - so drink as much as you feel necessary - and your body will do the rest!

Note: ECS provides a perfect compliment to any other form of natural healing and natural healthy nutrition. (Refer: Usage)

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Can I overdose? 
No, you can't. (Refer Safety: Professional Reports - Dr. Alexander Schauss)

Is electro colloidal silver a powerful detoxifying agent?
Yes. (Refer: Usage: The Herxheimer Effect) 



How safe is electro colloidal silver?

When produced correctly, electro colloidal silver is completely non-toxic and has no side-effects whatsoever. It cannot cause harm to the liver, kidneys or any other part of the body - and has no reaction or interaction with any other medication or alternative remedy. 

Unlike silver compounds, which can be stored in the body, positively charged silver ions are passed through the body and eliminated naturally, like all other nutrients. (Refer: Safety)

Does ECS effect the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract?

If your digestive system didn't have a positive electrical charge, these bacteria wouldn't be there in the first place.

Beneficial fauna in the digestive tract are an integral part of the natural electrical frequency in the body and cannot be compared to or associated with anaerobic bacteria. Electro colloidal silver actually enhances the electrical flow and frequency of the beneficial bacteria and actually improves digestion! Everybody who uses it regularly reports an improvement in their digestion.

Note: It is not necessary to supplement with products like acidophilis since ECS is not an antibiotic. ECS give to life, it doesn't take away from life!

How long does electro colloidal silver stay in the body?

It is only when silver is adulterated to form silver compounds, that these can be stored in the body. Positively charged silver ions are so microscopic in size, they cannot be filtered out. Not even the human body can act as a filter. So ECS is not stored but passes through the body and is eliminated through the normal channels.

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