SilverGenesis - manufacturers & distributors of colloidal silver products and generators SilverGenesis - manufacturers & distributors of colloidal silver products and generators SilverGenesis - manufacturers & distributors of colloidal silver products and generators
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Supercharged nutrition for the 21st century!

Strengthen your body's immune system to function at its optimum.

Support your body to resist and overcome
bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

For extra vitality, endurance
 and faster recovery.

"We used to think, and some still do, that life came from a chemical soup.
Now we know that unless there is an electrical charge, there is no life.
Life then, is electrical. And when electrical systems go, although
the chemistry is still there, the life does not exist."
Dr. Valerie Hunt, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Physiological Sciences, UCLA.





Welcome to the SilverGenesis website.

SilverGenesis was established twelve years ago and is a leading producer of premium quality nano silver. 

The SilverGenesis technical department has undertaken 15 years of research and testing, utilising over 30 000 litres of water in the process. They have also thoroughly tested numerous electrical systems (both LVDC and HVAC) and their various configurations.

Their primary objective was to develop a production process that would produce crystal clear structured nano silver water. They have achieved a perfect synergy of the key elements required in the production of pure nano silver with their SG Systems. The nano silver water produced has been thoroughly tested by the Pretoria University Department of Microscopy, as well as by the Nonaotechnology Institue of Hungary.

“The Nanotechnology Institute measured 7-21 nm 10ppm silver colloids in ultra pure water (laboratory water purification Millipur Q) . The biorezonancia feedback: was 100% safe for the body, compared to the other producers of silver colloids which was only 60-80% safe. “ Peter Varga - Hungary

This amazing natural health-giving product, has effected outstanding therapeutic results and strong testimony continues to pour in for remarkable success in treating a wide range of common ailments and serious diseases – whether it be for humans, animals, plants or birds.

Despite the ever increasing price of silver, it is SilverGenesis’s on-going endeavour to make cost-effective systems that are affordable to the public, so that people are able to produce, and have access to, the highest quality structured nano silver water. 

All SG Systems are internationally guaranteed to produce the highest quality colloidal silver available in the world today. 

We hope the site gives you a clearer understanding of nano silver energized water and we wish you abundant health. 

SilverGenesis - manufacturers & distributors of colloidal silver generators SilverGenesis - manufacturers & distributors of colloidal silver bottled products

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